6 Natural Remedies to Cure Cold


Cold is a condition that is basically related to your respiratory system and it mainly affects your nose. Common cold also known as simply a cold is a viral infection is caused by various kinds of virus. While having this condition you can’t take breath easily as your nose is either runny or blocked due to some kind of glutinous serum that later becomes hard in the nose and resist the inhaling process of respiratory system. This condition is contagious and you may transmit this infection into others. The symptoms of this infection are coughing, headache, sore throat, runny nose, sneezing and fever. People usually recover in seven to ten days from this health condition. Some symptoms may last up to three weeks and this condition falls under the severe condition of cold. There are many different causes that influence this condition to be occurred and one of the main factor is a group of around 200 viruses and rhinovirus are the most common of them. Apart from that other causes are coming in contact with contaminated person, or some kind of contaminated object may also be the cause of cold. This condition could be very distressful and may also be disturbing for you physically. Therefore you should be aware enough so that this condition would not be severe. Today we are going to discuss about some of the natural home remedies that will help you get rid of this condition and those remedies are:

1. Gingerginger-as-remedies

Ginger can do wonders when used in cold. Ginger has long been used for various disease and infection. It has anti-bacterial, antiviral as well as anti-inflammatory properties that will work like panacea in order to fight against common cold and flu. The anti-inflammatory gingerols and shaogals in ginger root will help to relieve a sore throat quickly.

2. Stay Hydrated

It is one of the important remedy that should be used in order to fight against any kind of disease or infection and cold is not exception for it. When you get infected with cold then your body starts dehydrating and you have to stop this process by drinking as much amount of water as you can.

get-vitamin-c3. Get Vitamin C

Vitamin C helps prevent cold. Therefore you can take foods that should be high in vitamin C such as orange juice and green leafy vegetables that are high in vitamin C. Vitamin C helps prevent cold condition and even it shorter the time period of your cold that you already have.

4. Clears Your Sore Throat

When you are the victim of cold then your throat becomes the home of many unwanted virus, bacteria and particles. Therefore you should gargle with warm salt water and even with baking soda water that will soothe your sore throat and help you get rid of cold quickly.

5. Honeyhoney

Honey has strong antibacterial as well as antiviral attribute that can work like panacea in order to fight with cold. Honey has a long history of being used for various kinds of infection and cold. How severe you condition is honey has the potential to treat your cold in quick time.

6. Eat Healthy and Light

In this condition you should eat healthy and light so that your digestive system doesn’t has to work extra in order to digest the taken food. You can eat green veggies, fruits and drink lots of water that will surely help you get rid of this infection.

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