All the benefits of Kamdudha Ras for stomach

stomach problemA number of people do not like to talk about it but having a stomach problem or gastrointestinal problem is very common. You do not need to suffer in silence. Stomach problem can make your daily tasks difficult to handle. There are the number of stomach problems that can affect your daily life such as stomach pain, infection, heartburn, acid reflux, constipation, peptic ulcers, gallstones and lactose intolerance.

stomach bindThese problems can cause severe pain in stomach or difficult bowel movements. A poor eating can cause these stomach problems. The question is how to get rid of these stomach problems? Whenever you experience any kind of stomach problem, you prefer to take drugs or painkillers but they are not the right treatment option. They only suppress the virus for some time, not cure it of its roots. The best option is to try some ayurvedic medicines which are safe as well as effective in curing your stomach problem. A better digestion really necessary for a healthy body and to work properly.

Kamdudha Ras for Stomach

kamdudha rasKamdudha ras is one of the effective Ayurvedic medicines used for curing the number of stomach problems. Kamdhudha ras for stomach problem is the best ayurvedic treatment ever. It is an herbal-mineral ayurvedic classical medicine that is beneficial in digestive problems, chronic fever, debility after fever or chronic disease, vomiting and burning sensation.

It is generally beneficial for all types of health issues if the following symptoms are present such as burning sensation, heart sensation, restlessness, irritability, anger, impatience, feeling sensation or vertigo, bleeding tendencies, sour taste of mouth, acidic perspiration, hot flashes and vomiting with yellowish or sour water. Kamdudha ras is potent antacid with a number of healing properties such as tonic, antacid, anti-vertigo, anti-inflammatory, mild febrifuge, an antioxidant and mild anti-depressant.

kamdudhaKamdudha ras is a good natural calcium iron supplement that is well tolerated and considered safe for use. Kamdudha ras for stomach problems works by reducing the heat in the body and alleviates the sensation of the burning. It also neutralizes the gastric acid and reduces the inflammation of gastric and esophageal mucosa. It gives relief from heartburn, hyperacidity, dyspepsia and burning sensation. The effect of kamdudha ras appears on the cardiovascular system, nervous system, urinary system and digestive system. It helps in balances the acid production in the stomach and also lowers the tendency of bleeding. The natural ingredients present in kamdudha ras make it a perfect remedy for stomach infections or other types of stomach problems. Let see how kamdudha ras is effective in stomach problem.

Gastritis -: kamdhudha ras is an ayurvedic medicine which is used in both acute and chronic gastritis in Ayurveda. It helps in reducing the inflammation in the stomach lining and giving strength to the mucus-lines barrier in the stomach. This protects the stomach lining from the damage caused by irritants like alcohol, painkiller and bacteria. It also reduces the burning ache and nausea associated with gastritis.

Peptic ulcer -: Kamdudha ras for stomach problem is also effective in peptic ulcer including the gastric ulcers, esophageal ulcers and duodenal ulcers.  All types of kamdudha ras is beneficial for the treatment of peptic ulcer.gerd

Vertigo and dizziness -: Vertigo and dizziness are also the common stomach problem. The excess PITTA aggravation is a common cause of vertigo or dizziness. Kamdudha ras is helpful along with other remedies for the underlying causes of these diseases. This ayurvedic medicine is effective in anemia, poor circulation, anxiety, inner ear problems and migraine.

So, if you are dealing with any stomach problem, Kamdudha ras is the best option for you. The recommended dosage of kamdudha is 125 mg which is about 1-2 tablets once or twice a day before or after eating food or as direct by the ayurvedic doctor. In the female, it is given with cow milk or rice washed water. In the case of diabetes, it is given with long pepper. This amazing ayurvedic medicine not only treats stomach problem but helps in your overall growth. It will cure all types of health issues without giving any side effects. So, try this amazing ayurvedic medicine, kamdudha ras for stomach problem and make your digestive system strong and healthy.

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