Hypericum is a family of herbs whose medicinal properties are making the genus famous across the globe. The herbs belonging to this family have shown antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral and anticancer properties in almost all the studies conducted in the last decade. And this is not all as the herbs belonging to hypericum family are loaded with varying medicinal abilities. There are hundreds of hypericum herbs, but, hypericum mysorense is actually responsible for making the genus famous. Some herbs are rich in antioxidant properties while others have anti microbial abilities. But, hypericum mysorense contains almost all the medicinal abilities that the entire plant genus contains. It would not be wrong to say that hypericum mysorense accurately represent what the entire hypericum family in terms of healing abilities. It is also claimed that hypericum mysorense can cure sexually transmitted infection herpes. Apart from doing a magical help for the patients of herpes, there are several other benefits of hypericum mysorense that pull us towards the use of this herb.

Although there are many reasons for which you should start using hypericum mysorense, today we will see top 10 reasons to try out this wonder herb. Herbs are everywhere these days and more than allopathic drugs, people choose herbs for healing. Here we will first see some hypericum mysorense benefits and then we will also see the reason behind herbs gaining popularity. So, here are the top 10 reasons or hypericum mysorense benefits for which you must try out this wonder herb.

Treats fungal diseases and infections:  Hypericum is a genus famous for its antifungal properties. Fungi live outdoors in soil and on plants and trees as well as on many indoor surfaces and on human skin. Most of them are not a threat to your health, but some might create complications. Fungal infection can affect any part of your body. Be it eye of skin or any other part, fungi can enter and infect several body parts. But, since hypericum mysorense has proven anti fungal properties, you can take herbal help from this hypericum mysorense benefits.

Antibacterial in nature:  Typhoid, UTI, meningitis, pneumonia, endocarditus and tetanus are some of the problems caused by bacteria. Unlike fungal infections, bacterial infections are very much common. In fact, it would not be wrong to say that more than half of the infections caused to human body are caused because of some type of bacteria only. The benefits of hypericum mysorense include every disease caused by bacterial infection because of the strong antibacterial activities the herb carries. It is an excellent replacement to the strong antibiotics that are available in market as these antibiotics have adverse effect on human health.

Antiviral: Compounds isolated from hypericum genus have shown antifungal, antibacterial, as well as antiviral properties. Talking about it in scientific terms, it is shown that the Flavonoids isolated from the Hypericum genus have been shown to have several biological activities, such as nitric oxide synthesis inhibition, antiproliferative and antioxidant activity. Although all these can be understood only by medical professionals, it is easy to accept that apart from antibacterial and anti fungal activities, hypericum mysorense benefits also include anti viral activities. Hence, using hypericum mysorense can save from a huge class of infections.

Hypericum mysorense benefits cancer patients:  Cancer is a big threat to humanity. Every year it claims millions of lives all around the world. Although some patients survive all odds of painful treatment and can live their lives normally for a decade or so, many lose their lives to the disease. The absence of effective treatment for such a deadly disease pushed the scientist to extend their boundaries of research to herbs in cancer. Herbs like hypericum mysorense are proving to be effective in many types of cancer. In fact, for cancer, people are looking towards herbal science like ayurveda. Yes, you can never deal with something cancer with the use of just a single herb, and therefore rather than simply counting on hypericum mysorense benefits, one has to choose something stronger than this.

Hypericum mysorense relieves you from stress and helps in depression: Stress and depression are as common as headache these days. And dealing with both of these problems is quite difficult with the help of antibiotics. In allopathy, there is no drug that can reach the brain and fix things there. So, people started seeking help from herbs and hypericum mysorense benefits surely include metal problems. The herb can calm down your mind and make you feel better.

Hypericum mysorense keeps you young:  A study compared the antioxidant activities of the methanolic leaf extract from different Hypericum species. The herbs tested were some of the major medicinal herbs from the genus like  Hypericum mysorense, Hypericum perforatum, Hypericum japonicum and Hypericum patulum. Hypericum Mysorense with the highest phenol content (24.72 mg/g) showed the highest activity, followed by Hypericum perforatum. So, you can stay young and strong with the use of hypericum mysorense.

Hypericum mysorense is good for liver: There are research evidences proving the Hepato protective abilities of the herb. If researchers are to be believed, taking hypericum mysorense on a regular basis keep your liver healthy and strong even in older age. And if you have such a crucial part of your body working fine, the possibility of so many diseases can be ruled out, right? So, the list of benefits of hypericum mysorense is incomplete without its impact on liver being included.

Helps in herpes: Hypericum mysorense is famous among the herpes patients because it can reduce the healing time of herpes outbreaks to one to three days. Yes, you have read it right. The wonder herb can reduce your suffering period to less than half. If you have a compromised immune system, herpes symptoms may trouble you for as long as two weeks. But with the regular use of hypericum mysorense, you can get rid of cold sores, body ache, fever, headache and all other symptoms of herpes in just a couple of days.

Hypericum mysorense prevents diseases: Treating diseases is like giving them a chance to destroy your health temporarily. On the other hand, preventing diseases is a health saving measure. But, if you are taking artificial drugs under the pretext of saving your health, please stop immediately. Most of the artificially synthesized drugs as well as supplements have adverse effect on your health. How? The aim is to suppress the immune system, which is not good for long term. Therefore, as a preventative measure, you can use something like hypericum mysorense as we have research evidences proving that this herb also raises immunity.

Good for overall health: Because hypericum mysorense can raise your immunity and because it is rich in some essential nutrients and anti oxidants, we can easily conclude that this herb is good for your overall health. Yes, hypericum mysorense has a good impact on your health with no long term or temporary ill effects. this completes the list of top 10 hypericum mysorense benefits, but there are many others left. Overall, you must understand that it is an extremely healthy product you cannot afford to miss out in today’s world.

Many studies in the past decade have tried to understand the medicinal properties, safety and the healing nature of hypericum mysorense in the last decade. And this decade is definitely the time when people are getting aware of the efforts of scientists. Being aware of the benefits of hypericum mysorense is important, but it is not enough as long as you don’t make use of the herb and gain all those benefits. One question probably on your mind right now is- how to gain all the hypericum mysorense benefits? See, there are many supplements containing hypericum mysorense in different concentrations and you can choose the one which contain maximum hypericum mysorense and in natural form. You can use the supplement as it is prescribed on the pack or can also consult a doctor that has knowledge of medicinal herbs. The doctor will guide you in the best possible way and once you get the advice, it is all in your hands.

Yes, you don’t really have to go to the forests and search for the herb. Because of the increase in demand, this herb is nowadays made available at many food stores as well as online. The most ancient science of healing – ayurveda too has many ayurvedic medicines containing the herb. But, for this, you need consultation from an ayurvedic doctor. In case you are struggling with some incurable disease, or simply want to live a life full of health, this also is a promising alternative to the harmful allopathic drugs. By now you might have realized that hypericum mysorense is extremely beneficial. Yes, it is true, and there are also some other healthy alternatives like ayurveda that can prove to be life saver. So, go ahead and treat your body healthily with any of them.

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