Is Garlic effective enough for treating herpes?

Garlic has been using as an effective home remedy for treating many health aliments since ancient times. It is now being rediscovered by medical scientists who prove that it is also beneficial in treating chronic and serious health conditions such as cancer, heart problem and even herpes. Yes, this is true that garlic for herpes is an amazing natural herbal remedy which works really good than conventional medicines. Herpes is a viral infection which occurs in two forms- HSV 1 Garlicwhich causes painful blisters and cold sores on mouth and lips, second one is HSV 2 which causes blisters in genital parts of the body. Both forms of herpes are painful and embarrassing too. Well, there are many antibiotics and antiviral herpes medications which can lessen the herpes symptoms and its frequent outbreaks. But these medicines can give you serious side effects and can also make your immune system weak.

Herpes is incurable but you can manage its symptoms effectively with some natural remedies. There are lot of hopes with natural remedies because they have the ability to manage the herpes symptoms effectively. If you want to know more about the natural herpes remedies, click here. Garlic for herpes treatment is the best option for all herpes sufferer. The beneficial properties of garlic help in treating the herpes symptoms.

Garlic for Herpes

Garlic has a huge impact on most of the types of bad bacterial, viral and fungal infections. Several studies even show that garlic can inhibit the growth of virus inside the body and has the ability to eliminate the virus from your body. Garlic has great antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal properties which will reduce the herpes symptoms. The antiseptic properties of garlic herpeswill heal the cold sores quickly. The anti-inflammatory properties of garlic will reduce the swelling, pain and redness. The anti-oxidant properties of garlic help in speeding the healing process.

Garlic contains an effective component named as Allicin which is responsible for all these beneficial properties. It also contains vitamin A, B,C and also other several minerals which boost your immune system from inside. Daily consumption of fresh minced raw garlic mixed with pure raw honey will strengthen your immune system and a sound immune system will help in fighting off diseases. You can also chew few garlic cloves daily but garlic is quite hot when chewed raw, so be aware.

You can eat 2-4 cloves of minced garlic each day mixed in with foods like in soups and sauces. Garlic for herpes treatment will never disappoint you as it will not give you any side effects. As well as, it treat the condition effectively and reduce the occurrence of frequent herpes outbreaks.

garlic for herpesIf you have cold sores, you should start garlic for herpes treatment at very first sign of outbreaks. You can take it orally for treating oral herpes symptoms. You can also apply garlic on affected parts. For this, you just need to make a paste of few garlic cloves and add some olive oil in it. Apply this paste carefully on the cold sores and blisters and they will shrink or disappear in some days.

The good thing about garlic is that you can use it in both ways, internally and externally. It will give you the same amazing results. Garlic not only kills the herpes virus during an eruption but also improves your overall health.

Once you get herpes virus, the virus remains in the body and hidden deep in the nerve cells. Outbreaks of herpes frequently occur during fatigue, stress and depression time, so try to avoid them. Nature is always the best cure for treating any health issues and garlic is one of them. So, if you are suffering from herpes, try garlic for herpes treatment.

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